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Ermes is an 8-channel data acquisition card expandable into modules of 4 inputs each. The maximum number of expansions is 4. It is possible to initially purchase only the 8 input basic module and then to purchase expansions if new needs arise.
It can be connected to the LAN, and with a suitable additional standard market card it can be connected to: WLAN, 3G, LTE.
In addition to acquiring the data, ERMES generates a file (of various formats of your choice) which is sent to a device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone).
The detection files are stored in ERMES and it is possible to view them in graphic form on the chosen device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone)

ERMES service
Files generated by ERMES can be sent to mT3 for processing with Advanced Analytics techniques and the results of this processing are sent back to the customer. Depending on the specific application, mT3 will choose the most suitable SW to use for processing data files.
Files for processing sending frequency is chosen by the customer, according to his specific needs, and can be varied as needed.
The cost of the data processing service depends on the type of application and the desired frequency

ERMES datasheet